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WELD™ gives you access to the largest global welding community!



Are you a welder looking for a reliable source of welding resources and education? Look no further than's WELD™ app! With a community of engaged welders, educators, and advisors, this app brings A-Z welding resources, educational videos, how-to series, job opportunities, and industry connections right to your pocket.

But that's not all! is committed to continuous improvement and growth by placing additional resources and tools within the app. And the best part? This app is created for welders, by welders! With a team of multifaceted hosts and educators, WELD™ ensures that it's built for ALL welders.

But why stop there? is not only dedicated to providing educational videos but also gives advice on tools, goods, and accessories that will help welders and students progress their professions and make their jobs more efficient. Plus, they are a proud supporter of industry non-profit organizations, universities, and technical schools.

Don't let geographical placement hinder your opportunities! Join the Global Welding Community by downloading WELD™, available today in the Apple and Google stores! So what are you waiting for? Let's spark some excitement in your welding journey with!

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