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WELD™ gives you access to the largest global welding community!



Florida, June 28th, 2022.

In a commitment to providing welding resources and education, has developed a strong community of engaged welders, educators and advisors who are bringing these tools right to your pocket with the WELD™ app! With this mobile app, is able to connect and serve multiple countries with A-Z welding resources, educational videos, how-to series, job opportunities and industry connections.

As with any other technology, the initial release is ready for’s members feedback! is committed to continuous improvement and growth by placing many additional resources and tools within WELD™ as they continue to evolve.

"We are in an industry challenged with a retiring workforce and a new generation waiting to find and introduce new ideas in a very traditional field.  We wanted to create a community space, free of internet trolls and misinformation, that not only encourages people and kids to pursue a career in welding but also showcases all of the dynamic opportunities that come with being a welder.  WELD™ is a trusted space where people can learn from each other and give back to the welding community!

On that same note, bringing in the manufacturing side of the industry is important. In order to continue to grow as an industry, you have to be able to bridge the gap between the vendors and the end consumer (aka the people that use the equipment and products: the welders.)  Nowadays, information is key and being able to put together a team that is multifaceted can reach many.  This is precisely why we wanted a vast range of hosts and educators on our team, to ensure we are building this for ALL welders by welders!” says Ves Marinova- Business Unit Manager


For more than a decade, has been the industry's go-to channel for welding and fabrication instructional videos. LLC has recently expanded into a community platform where members can seek advice and input, network with industry experts, and develop their professional network and education!

Not only do we provide educational videos from highly qualified training instructors and industry professionals, but we also give advice on tools, goods, and accessories that will help welders and students progress their professions and make their jobs more efficient.

We are a proud supporter of industry non-profit organizations, universities and technical schools such as Campbellsville University, AWS, Xcel Strategies, Women Who Weld and many more. Don’t let geographical placement hinder your opportunities! Join the Global Welding Community by downloading WELD™, available today in the Apple and Google stores!

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