I wish I could see the puddle better!

How many times have you dropped the hood, only to think to yourself “I wish I could see the puddle better!”  Well now you can.

With Lincoln Electric’s Viking 2450 ADV Series helmets your weld puddle has color and clarity to it.  No more hazy, green halo or guessing where the halo ends and the puddle starts. 

4c lincoln lense vs traditional

Left: 4C vs Right: Traditional lens

The Viking 2450 ADV has a modular LED light incorporated in the helmet for low light situations when visibility is limited.  With 1/1/1/1 Clarity technology built in, you get crystal clear visibility, consistent visibility from edge to edge of the welding lens and blurriness is vastly improved while looking at the puddle from an angle.  All these features translate to less eye fatigue, which means better welds, less strain on the body and more comfort with your weld execution.

Moisture and abrasion resistant buttons ensure that your helmet will be durable enough to handle all your shade, sensitivity, and delay adjustments.  The 9.3 sq inch window accommodates all the viewing needs any welder could ask for, giving versatility and control over your welding situation.

With a 3 year warranty, you can rest assured that your investment is backed up by Lincoln’s reputation for quality.

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  • Looking for effective auto darkening helmets for our Heavy Fabrication welders

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