One day while I was trying to physically force a sheet of 1/4" plate down so I could weld it in place, one of the older guys on the site said, "come here boy, let me show you how to work smarter not harder".

He went into his gangbox and pulled out a thick piece of steel that was shaped like a long triangle and a thinned plate shaped like an L. We walked back over to the plate I had been struggling with and welded the L shaped piece to the top of the I-Beam and put the triangle piece between the plate and the L shaped piece. He then smacked the triangle a couple times with a hammer and the large plate flattened right out.

Looking back, it seemed so simple yet very effective, but at the time, I thought that old man was a genius. He told me it was called a dog and a wedge. Since that day, I have had a set in my tool box at all times. They come in so handy when trying to fit pieces together that are slightly distorted. I have several different shapes and sizes for different applications. I now teach this little trick to everyone I see struggling with trying to get pieces to align.

I hope you all enjoy the video and make a set of Dogs and Wedges for your tool box. Thanks for stopping by and Until next time, Make Every Weld Better Than Your Last!

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