Current Co-Hosts and Guest Hosts

We get this question daily. Who are the new hosts? WHERE IS BOB? WHERE IS REDBEARD?  Well, we are here to answer those questions.

Starting with those you have grown to love over the years.

Bob Moffatt is currently teaching full time as a welding instructor at Cowley College in Arkansas City, Kansas. Bob has been an instructor here since 1996. He is also a CWI. Their welding program focuses mostly on structural, petrochemical and aircraft since that's what's in that region. Cowley College is currently enrolling students for its Fall semester and if you are interested, you can email Bob's secretary, Beverly at: Their program is 2 years long. His new channel is still on its way, "Let's Weld Something." So, be sure to stay tuned and we will share when he drops his first video. Bob will be doing some videos with us in the next coming months as well. You can find him on Instagram where he's always been.


Jason Becker is currently teaching full time at Valencia College where he is the Manager of the Welding Program and also a CWI. They are currently enrolling their next cohorts and will start 2 entry level classes. Night time classes will start July 5th and day classes will start on September 20th. They also have a few spots left for their day time advances class which starts July 5th. Anyone interested can go to to register and a recruiter will reach out to you. Jason also is the host of the Arc Junkies Podcast where they discuss various welding topics with other experts in the industry. The show covers topics from ironwork, fabrication, pipe welding and everything in between. They release new episodes weekly and you can find Jason here: Jason is already working with us on some videos and you will see him in more videos coming soon!


Paul Sableski is one of our Co-Hosts. He has been in the welding industry since 1984. He has worked in shipyards, power plants, refineries, chemical plants, mining and is also a CWI. Paul has welded and done overlay mostly on boilers, high pressure vessels and piping throughout his career. He is passionate about passing on his knowledge and helping to lead the way for the next generation of welders. Paul is very patient and technical when it comes to teaching and he's excited to be a part of

You can find him here:

Shawn Lowery AKA Mr. Sawbladehead is one of our Co-Hosts. He comes from the artistic side of welding and is a sculptor. He's a second generation welder and brings an interesting perspective since he creates one of a kind sculptures for rock stars and even shares the stage with them as a drummer. He's always coming up with creative ideas and ways to show texture in sculptures with metal and finishes. Stay tuned as we have a lot more custom pieces that will be featured soon!

You can find Mr. Sawbladehead here:


Jeff Ray AKA Titanium Ray is one of our Co-Hosts. He currently works full time at Heffner Performance and has been welding for over 10 years. TIG welding came very naturally to him and stainless is his specialty. He is very proficient in titanium and has several years of experience in sanitary processes as a welder/fitter (combo hand) and doing custom exhausts and projects for Ballistic Cycles. Jeff is always interested in learning new technology and processes and enjoys sharing his knowledge with the community.

You can find Jeff here:


Chris King is another one of our Co-Hosts and a technical advisor to He is the Director of Skilled Training at Campbellsville University in Kentucky. He is also a CWI. One thing that you should know about Chris is that he is very invested in his students. From the time I have known Chris he has always pushed his students personally and professionally to be prepared for "the real world". We have shared the same passion for women entering the welding industry as well as in general promoting the younger generation to enter skilled trades. Campbellsville University is currently accepting applications for their Fall 2021 semester, which starts mid-August. You can go to and hit the apply button at the top. They have 3 structural welding programs across Central Kentucky along with their Professional Pipe Welding Program. They also have dorms available for any students interested in traveling from out of state.

You can find Chris here and also engage on our forum answering any of your technical questions:

Brian Logaglio is another Guest Host and he is a full time instructor at Marchman Technical College in New Port Richey, Florida. He's been an instructor there since 2017 when he created the program. He is also their Welding Program Manager and teaches a variety of classes. He started in the aerospace industry and then joined the local pipefitters union and after completing an apprenticeship he became a Journeyman Steamfitter/Welder. He has done a lot of work in the nuclear industry and has traveled the world. If you are interested in their classes, they are now enrolling for their semester that will start in August. You can find information here:

You can find Brian here:


Bob Higginbotham is a Guest Host who owns a small business in the Tampa area called Franken-Fab LLC. He's been welding since high school and started his own business in 2015. He has a crew of 2-3 at times and they specialize in hardfacing, heavy equipment repair, but also do a wide variety of metalwork like handrails, security doors, windows and custom fab work like Go-Go cages, vine trellis, rat rods, chop tops and frame c-channeling for air bags. Bob has such an outgoing personality and his sense of humor can make anyone crack a smile with his corny jokes. He's excited to be a part of the community and we are sure that you will love new content that he will be releasing soon! You can find Bob here:


Linnett Key is a new Guest Host who was on the CBS TV series, "Tough as Nails", Season 1. The show was a competition series that celebrated everyday Americans who roll up their sleeves and don’t think twice about working long hard hours and getting their hands dirty. Competitors were tested for their strength, endurance, life skills and, most importantly, mental toughness in challenges that took place at real-world job sites. Linnett has a passion for getting women interested in Skilled Trades, welding being one. She was recently on our YouTube channel discussing the benefits of the industry and how she was able to change her life for her and her children. If you aren't sure if welding is for you, please reach out to her! She would love to hear from you. We are so excited to have her and can't wait for you to see her first videos with us.

You can find Linnett here:


Dale Spilker is currently a welding instructor at T.H. Badger Technical School (Arcadia High School), on Virginia’s Eastern Shore. Interestingly enough, Dale is teaching the same program from which he graduated in 2007. Since graduating high school in 2007, Dale has worked in several different facets within the welding industry to include heavy equipment fabrication, commercial nuclear fabrication and equipment sales. While holding these roles, Dale also served as a welding instructor at Thomas Nelson Community College in Hampton, VA and Eastern Shore Community College in Onley, Virginia. Dale is also the owner of High Tide Fabrication. Currently, the company’s principal focus is on producing high quality hand made duck calls as well as other game calls. High Tide Fabrication still takes on welding and fabrication projects when time allows. With that said, Dale has transitioned most of his welding projects to school projects to implement project-based learning in an attempt to allow his welding students to make a smoother and faster transition into the welding world upon graduating.

You can find Dale on Instagram and

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