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Bob Moffatt, a certified welding inspector (CWI), recently retired from teaching full-time as a welding instructor at Cowley College in Arkansas City, Kansas, a position he held since 1996. Despite his retirement, Bob continues to share his knowledge and expertise through his new YouTube channel, "Let's Weld Something," which is currently in the works. Additionally, he collaborates with to produce historical and new content that can be accessed through the WELD app. For updates and more of Bob's welding adventures, you can follow him on Instagram and the WELD app under the username @ram_ration58.



sawblade head

Shawn Lowery, also known as Mr. Sawbladehead, comes from an artistic background and works as a sculptor. He brings a unique perspective to welding due to his experience creating one-of-a-kind sculptures for rock stars and performing alongside them as a drummer. He is constantly developing innovative ideas and methods for incorporating texture and finishes in metal sculptures. Keep an eye out for more of his custom pieces, which will be showcased soon! You can find Mr. Sawbladehead on Instagram or on the WELD app at @sawbladehead_designs.



Jeff Ray

Jeff Ray, who also goes by the name Titanium Ray, has more than a decade of welding experience. He was previously employed at Heffner Performance and has recently started his own venture, SuperFormance Fab. Jeff is a gifted TIG welder, with a focus on stainless steel. Additionally, he is proficient in titanium and has worked as a welder/fitter in sanitary processes, as well as on custom projects and exhausts for Ballistic Cycles. Jeff is always keen to expand his knowledge of new welding techniques and technologies, and he enjoys sharing his expertise with the community. To connect with Jeff, you can find him on the WELD app or Instagram @superformancefab and @titaniumray



Dr. Weldz

Austin Hargett, who also goes by the moniker "Dr. Weldz," is a skilled welder, educator, and social media personality. With 11 years of experience in welding and fabrication, including pressure vessels, automatic bug welding for pipelines, production piping, and power plants, Austin is a Certified Welding Inspector (CWI) who has also spent five years educating new welders in the industry.

Austin is well-known on social media as "Dr. Weldz" and has recently joined as a full-time host, overseeing internal operations and business development. He is happily married and recently became a father to a baby girl.

Apart from welding, Austin has a passion for metal sculpture, which he enjoys because, unlike other aspects of fabrication, art doesn't have to be perfect. @dr.weldz



Chris Ewing

Chris Ewing, a welder with nearly 20 years of experience, has been teaching welding for the past 3 years. He currently instructs high school students at the William D. Ford Career Technical Center, teaches welding to students of all ages and backgrounds at LIFT, and has also taught at the college level.

Chris holds several ASME welding certifications, including 3G aluminum plate and 6G pipe, and has completed a 4-year apprenticeship, an associate degree in Plant Maintenance Trades, and acquired his CWI.

When not welding or teaching, Chris pursues his passion for acting, which can be found on IMDB. He is a natural in front of the camera or audience and has been a panelist for the AWS at Fabtech 2021. Chris's comedic nature and dedication to the welding trade have earned him opportunities as a host and advisor for  @shibbywelder



Adam Streich

Adam Streich is a Welding Program Coordinator and Instructor with the Certified Welding Inspector (CWI) and Certified Welding Educator (CWE) certifications at Pellissippi State Community College. He brings extensive industry experience and expertise to his role as an educator, providing students with practical knowledge and hands-on training in welding. Adam is dedicated to helping his students succeed and grow in their welding careers. @akstreich




Lars Boslau is a highly skilled metal builder who specializes in construction technology from Germany. He received his initial training in metal construction and has since undergone further training to become a tested welder. He continued his education to become a weld specialist, honing his skills to become a highly sought-after professional in his field.

With four years of experience as a tested tube welder, Lars has developed a reputation for excellence in the welding industry. He is currently working as a welder in his family business, where he applies his expertise to create exceptional metal constructions that exceed his clients' expectations. Lars is dedicated to his craft and always strives to provide the highest quality workmanship in every project he undertakes. @german_welderworld




Danea Buschkoetter is a welding instructor at NCK Tech with a passion for GTAW. She graduated from Fort Hays State University and has experience in welding fabrication, design engineering, and project management. She is an educator for and an ambassador for The Crew Collaborative and Edge Welding Cups. In her free time, she enjoys drag racing and is turning her 1982 Chevy El Camino into a 9-second car.  @welder_danea



Craig Cowan

Craig Cowan, a Pittsburgh native and self-taught blacksmith, runs The Barefoot Forge - a blacksmithing school and collective in Pittsburgh, PA. With 17 years of experience in forging, Craig and his team share their knowledge of welding, forging, and machining to help others produce custom, traditional pieces. The school specializes in beginner blacksmithing, knife making, and even offers a program where you can forge your own custom stainless damascus steel wedding ring. Craig's background as a yacht captain and love for vintage VW busses, beekeeping, and farming add to his unique perspective on metalworking.  @thebarefootforge




Beau Wigington wears many hats. He has been a professional songwriter and musician for the last 12 years, with his songs featuring in TV shows and films such as ABC’s Nashville, Sony Pictures Bad Country, and Showtime’s Shameless. In 2020, he attended welding school at GTCC in Jamestown, NC. He entered the virtual welding contest in 2021, which led him to connect with

In 2021, Beau founded his fabrication business, Beaudidit Welding LLC, where he specializes in creating custom bar faces, tables, and other decorative pieces for bars and restaurants. He is also the host of the podcast, which has a global audience in over 46 countries and was voted #4 out of 15 best global podcasts of 2022. You can catch the podcast every Friday at 5 am EST.

To keep up with Beau's work, follow him on IG and WELD™ app @beaudiditwelding, and for his musical endeavors, follow him on IG @welcometochuckmountain.




Hunter Wilson is a Texan welder who grew up around welding. He has worked in various industries since 2010, and now teaches the next generation while working on rigs, pipelines, and agriculture repairs. He's passionate about helping others and constantly learning.  @texaspipeliner35




Guy Seguin is a RedSeal welder and college professor with 18 years of experience based in Canada. He's worked in the Alberta oil patch, holds multiple CWB welder qualifications, and completed his Masters in Education in 2020. He's also developed corporate curriculum and enjoys traveling and spending time with his family.  @sewingwithfirewelding




Garrett Coursey, also known as @okiesgarage on social media, has been welding for 12 years. He started his journey working as a grinder on an assembly line in a foundry, but he knew he needed to do something else to be the best version of himself. He found an opportunity in a company called AG Equipment in Oklahoma and asked daily to be given a chance to become an entry-level welder. With the help of Welding tips and tricks and on YouTube, he practiced during his lunch breaks until he was ready to take the welding test. He passed the test and started his journey as a welder. Garrett has a true passion for welding and is constantly looking for ways to improve his craft. His relentless approach has taken him all across the United States. 




Dustin Apple's passion for building things to get closer to animals led him to teach himself fabrication and aluminum welding using resources like He now owns Whiteriverrambo Customs in Salem, Indiana, where he specializes in aluminum boat builds and modifications for the bowfishing community. He also creates outdoor content on social media platforms under the handle @Whiteriverrambo.




Tyler Caton has been in the welding industry for 9 years and is certified in TIG, MIG, Flux core, and Stick welding. He has experience in various fields, including bio-pharmaceuticals and structural fabrication, and has worked both in shops and on various job sites. Currently, he works in a job shop taking on various work, which allows him to constantly improve his skills and take on new challenges. He also works with to share his knowledge and experience with others.  @ig0atwelding




Elwyn Zimmerman, also known as @theonezim, has had a passion for all things metal since he was young, and has followed in his grandfather's footsteps as a welder. He has experience working on heat exchangers, including intricate coils and specializes in exotic metals like brass. We're thrilled to have his wealth of knowledge in the industry. 




Anna Sanger, also known as @monoista, is a passionate welder and designer from Germany who specializes in creating custom furniture. With her love for welding, Anna aims to inspire others to try it out and discover the joy and satisfaction it can bring. 



Kevin Johnson has been a Welder/Fabricator for over 21 years and is the Host of the Welding Business Owners Podcast where he discusses the challenges and successes of owning a welding business. He has experience in heavy equipment repair and has worked on a variety of projects including aerospace parts, Lamborghini exhausts, structural beams, railings, and stairs. His company, JMW Specialty Welding & Fabrication, based in Pennsylvania, is known for their quality craftsmanship and excellent customer service. Kevin is passionate about the welding community and helping others succeed.  @jmwfabrication




Bob Higginbotham, owner of Franken-Fab LLC in Tampa, has been welding since high school and started his own business in 2015. His crew specializes in hardfacing, heavy equipment repair, and custom metalwork like handrails, security doors, and custom fabrication. Bob's outgoing personality and sense of humor bring a fun element to the community, and we can't wait to see what new content he releases!  @frankenfab813




Wylie Messer is a welding teacher at Great Crossing High School and an adjunct professor at Kentucky Community Technical College. He has over 10 years of experience as a millwright and iron worker across the US, Canada, and Mexico. His diverse background allows him to provide a unique perspective on welding topics as a content creator for Outside of work, he enjoys dirt track racing, building race cars, riding motorcycles, and learning about agriculture on his recently purchased farm. @that_bearded_welding_teacher




Paul "Paulie" Brown is a Florida-born artist, photographer, and welder with a diverse range of experiences. He attended the Columbus College of Art and Design in Ohio, where he won several national awards, before leaving in his third year to work repairing diesel trucks and welding. He later entered the photography business, eventually moving to San Francisco to attend the San Francisco Art Institute. Over the years, Paulie has worked as a motorcycle race assistant promoter, video and slide show producer, visual designer and animator in Hollywood, location photographer and training material designer for Volvo Trucks, and welder and machinist for various companies. He has continued to improve his welding skills by obtaining certifications and always seeking to better his techniques. Currently, he specializes in creating custom welded items such as mobile fancy bars for hotels. @weldorpaul




Matt Schwartz is a native of Northern Minnesota. He attended Wyotech after completing high school, focusing on chassis fabrication and hot rod courses. Following this, he spent the last two decades at McKinney Corporation building top fuel dragster and funny car chassis and fuel tanks. He has become well-known in the NHRA drag racing world as a top fuel tank fabricator. Recently, he developed an interest in creating Star Wars costumes using metal, which led to the establishment of his YouTube channel, TheWeldingGeek. He is now proud to be a part of the team. @maytheschwartzbewithyoucosplay




Diesel D'Souza is a self-taught welder and entrepreneur who specializes in creating personalized TIG weld art plaques through his small business, Tig Devil. He also works full-time as a general machinist on a vertical lathe and a mill at a machine shop in Hamilton, Ontario. His ultimate goal is to turn his passion for TIG art into a full-time career. You can find him on Instagram under the handles @destructive_asylum_13_fab and @Tig_Devil.




Meet @Lucky_Weldz, also known as Matt Reed. With over 15 years of experience in the welding industry, he's learned from the best and the hard way through trial and error. Currently working for SpaceX, he's fueled by his passion for welding and exploration. Congrats to Matt as his family just celebrated the arrival of his first child! When not welding, he loves to surf, cook, and create metal art. We're excited to have Matt join our team, where his passion for teaching and unique skillset will shine.




Shawn Bassett is a talented race car builder and driver from Attacking the Clock Racing. He's made a name for himself with his exceptional work on the Time Attack / Pikes Peak 240Z, as well as his impressive skills behind the wheel. With years of experience in the industry, Shawn's passion for speed and performance is clear in everything he does. Whether he's building or driving, he always gives it his all and strives for perfection. @attackingtheclockracing




Dale Spilker is a welding instructor at T.H. Badger Technical School in Virginia. He graduated from the same program in 2007 and has worked in various areas of the welding industry, including heavy equipment fabrication and commercial nuclear fabrication. Dale has also taught welding at Thomas Nelson Community College and Eastern Shore Community College. He is the owner of High Tide Fabrication, which produces handmade duck and game calls, as well as taking on welding and fabrication projects.  @shootaphoto



Paul Sableski has been working in the welding industry since 1984, having worked on various projects such as boilers, high-pressure vessels, and piping in shipyards, power plants, refineries, chemical plants, and mining. He is also a CWI and is passionate about sharing his knowledge and experience with the next generation of welders. With his technical and patient teaching style, Paul is excited to be a part of You can find him on the WELD app and Instagram: @sableskipaul.




Warren Williams is a highly experienced Post Producer, Post Production Supervisor and Senior Editor, with 25+ years of experience in TV, Music and Media Production. He has worked with prestigious clients such as Pepsi, NBCUniversal, Disney, Microsoft, the U.S. Air Force and the PGA/LPGA. Warren is also an active judge on the Telly Awards Council. He began his creative journey as a musician and has performed in various venues. Warren enjoys water activities, such as fishing, boating, and paddleboarding with his family, including his talented daughters.




Andrew Carranza, a craftsman in the film and video trade, has worked on numerous projects including transferring the National Geographic motion picture archive to HD video and shooting a feature on the backlot of Universal Studios. He has learned from the hosts at and even hosted a video on getting a good weld shot called "How To Get The Best Arc Shot" .




Greg Richardson is a seasoned professional in the welding industry with expertise in B2B sales, product demonstrations, public speaking, and training. He has extensive experience working with manufacturers and is also knowledgeable in welding techniques.  @gregrichardson777



Ves Marinova, is a seasoned executive with over 20 years of experience in sales, online marketing, business development, technology development, and internal business operations support. She has worked in various industries and is currently the techy geek behind @vesmarinova



Dr. Emil Schubert, aka WeldProf, earned a Master's degree in Material Science and Technology from the University of Erlangen in 1988, and a Ph.D. degree in Laser Technology in 1991. He has held academic positions at the University of Alexandria, Egypt and the University of Bremen. In his professional career, he has worked in research and development positions at the Institute for Metals Processing and Technology, Maxhütte steel plant, Bremen Institute for Applied Beam Technologies, and Alexander Binzel Schweisstechnik GmbH.

He is actively involved in various welding associations and was elected president of the European Welding Association in 2021.