Are Rod Ovens Necessary?

When it comes to welding necessities, there are a few items we can say deserve to be on the list, one for sure would be a rod oven. One question we see a lot is, “Are rod ovens necessary”, and the unanimous answer is, YES! Rod ovens are used as devices that prevent welding rods and electrodes from absorbing moisture from the surrounding environment. Also, a welding rod oven is used to help lengthen the electrode’s lifespan, and Phoenix Ovens does just that.

Think about the last weld oven you saw; we guarantee you that it was probably a Phoenix Oven, and you did not realize. Not only has Phoenix been servicing the welding industry since the 1950’s, but they also have made quite a name for themselves by being one of the most recognizable weld oven brands on the market. You can still find one of their 20+ year old ovens in shops, up and running and still offering consistent heating! Phoenix currently offers a complete range of welding rod ovens and flux ovens, leaving no stone unturned.


Rod ovens

These past 60 years have been one of global growth and expansion. And with distributors across the world, Phoenix Ovens can also service its local markets in record time. Not to mention, Phoenix also has local inventory to meet any on-site needs. Some of their replaceable parts include, heating element, voltage selector, indicator light and more. All products are made in the USA with adjustable thermostats and with a history of helping consumers pass welding inspections, you sure won’t see this degree of service anywhere else.


phoenix rod ovens

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