125 Years of Providing Solutions

It is to no surprise that Lincoln Electric is the global leader in providing solutions for industry front runners and global partners in the metal fabrication industry. But what does that really look like and where did such a successful company get its early footing?

It all started back in Cleveland Ohio when two brothers, John C. and James F. Lincoln used a $200 investment and created a direct current electric motor for industrial applications. With that, on December 5, 1895, Lincoln Electric was founded.

However, it would not be until 16 years later, in 1911, that the duo launched their variable voltage arc welder, aligning them for success 125 years and 11 industries later.

As time grew, so did the product line and reach of Lincoln Electric. Not only has the company positioned themselves as global welding experts, but Lincoln Electric also continues to show why they are the global leader in cutting and welding, automation, weld fume control and fabrication accessories. When it comes to welding,

Lincoln Electric leaves no stones unturned, having a wide selection of welding products for MIG, TIG, Stick and Multi-process fabrication.

Lincoln Electric has been providing quality products, resources, support and continuous innovation, for 125 years and have positioned themselves to the global leader for another 125 years.

Visit them at: lincolnelectric.com

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