10 Things You Should Know Before Starting a Welding Business

If you're interested in starting your own welding business or are a beginner in the field, you should definitely check out our podcast from 6/25/21. Our co-host, Bob Higginbotham (aka Higg), who is also the owner of Franken-Fab LLC in Tampa, Florida, shares his invaluable experience and advice in the episode.

During the podcast, Higg discusses 10 things he wishes he knew before starting his own business. If you're looking for some guidance or inspiration, this podcast is a must-listen. You can find the link to the episode below.

If you have any further questions or want to connect with Bob, you can find him on Instagram or on the WELD app @frankenfab813. So, what are you waiting for? Get inspired and take the first step towards achieving your welding business goals today!

Link to the podcast: LISTEN HERE!

Franken-Fab LLC

Here are the 10 key things you should know before starting a welding business:

  1. Prioritize: Decide what activities are most important each day, such as getting work, preparing for jobs, managing your calendar, and following up with customers. Focus on gaining experience and earning respect rather than just profit in the beginning.

  2. Manage Cash Flow: Avoid taking on too much debt by investing in used equipment as you need it. Don't stress yourself out by overspending on unnecessary expenses like a new truck or top-of-the-line equipment.

  3. Embrace Hard Work: Starting a welding business requires hard work and dedication. Don't expect jobs to fall into your lap just because you have welding certifications. Put in the hours and effort needed to get your business moving forward.

  4. Prioritize Important Tasks: Try to do your most important tasks first thing in the morning before getting bogged down with other responsibilities.

  5. Grow Your Business Strategically: Don't just take the same jobs at the same prices day in and day out. Learn to realize your worth and grow your business by hiring additional help or expanding your team.

  6. Focus on What You Enjoy: Pay attention to the welding work that makes you happy and focus on doing more of it. It's okay to pass on jobs that you don't enjoy or are too advanced for your current skill level.

  7. Optimize, Outsource, and Automate: Consider hiring someone to help with tasks like bookkeeping or quote preparation. Use auto-replies on social media to streamline communication with customers.

  8. Engage with Your Social Media Audience: Take advantage of social media platforms to showcase your welding work and interact with potential customers. Having a business page and an Instagram account is essential.

  9. Have Fun: Don't forget to enjoy yourself! Starting a welding business is hard work, but it should also be rewarding and fulfilling. Take pride in your work and enjoy positive moments with your employees and customers.

  10. Take Risks and Grow: Don't be afraid to take risks and grow your business. Keep learning and expanding your skill set to stay ahead of the competition

As a welding community, we can all agree on one thing - there is a shortage of welders. It's a topic that we see in articles almost daily. That's why our podcast and our app "WELD" are dedicated to helping welders of all levels.

We're here to encourage those who are considering entering the trade, to assist those who are in school and may need help passing their certification tests, and to support those who are looking to broaden their skillset and learn about new processes and industry segments. We even welcome those who have the highest level of expertise to engage with us.

By coming together as a community, we can help make the welding industry a place that the younger generation and those looking to make career changes want to join. Let's work together and help each other out!

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